Internet radio:

Lifecom Radio is a Christian radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day on the internet from studios in the United Kingdom. Our approach to Christian broadcasting is innovative and our goal is to leverage the internet as a medium for the free interchange of ideas and information. The internet provides an avenue for freedom of information that is often abused with destructive content.
LifeCom FM’s objective is to leverage the internet to broadcast good, wholesome, life transforming Christian programming to our listeners.God Bless


what is so different about LifeCom FM?
LifeCom Radio is different for a number of reasons.
Firstly, we are committed to using the latest technology to broadcast on the Internet. We believe the future lies on this platform as a new generation of Wi-Fi enabled devices become available.
Can't we listen to your station's content elsewhere? And isn't the programming a little heavy on the American side?
Of course, there will be some crossover with other stations in terms of music and teaching but we do think however that we have loads of fresh contents from established as well as up and coming artist and speakers. Our station aims to be the launching pad for talented new Motivation Speakers, Artist, Comedians, Teachers and many others. We hope that when they become renowned you would be able to say you first heard them on LifeCom FM.

Music Policy

Lifecom Radio is fully compliant to all regulations and one of those is that we cannot play more than two tracks back-to-back by the same artist, or more than three within an hour. There are also restrictions on the number of tracks we can play from the same album within a set time period. For this reason, you may find that if you use the "request" facility on our site, we may not be able to play your choice for anything up to two hours. Despite this we are certain of our ability to keep you fully entertained, engaged, encouraged, motivated, fired up and amused. STAY TUNED!

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